”We Are Going to Keep Going,” Todd Howard Speaks on the Future of Fallout

a man is standing next to a woman in a video game .
Credit: Bethesda

a man is standing next to a woman in a video game .
Credit: Bethesda

In an exclusive interview with YouTuber and content creator MrMattyPlays, Bethesda Games Studio’s game director and executive producer Todd Howard shared tidbits about Bethesda, the future of its games such as Fallout and Starfield, and several insights about the recent community feedback about its games.

MrMattyPlays covered all the bases Bethesda fans would want to know from Todd, including the future of Fallout games.

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Credit: Bethesda

When asked what is preventing Fallout New Vegas 2, now that the game has become more popular than ever, thanks to the well-received Fallout TV show, Todd mentioned that it is all about franchise management.

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Fallout TV show's popularity can give players the desire to want to have a new mainline single-player game, these things take time and I don't think it's bad for people to miss things. We just want to get it right and everything we are doing in the franchise can become meaningful moments for everybody who loves the franchises as much as we do", Todd shared.

Howard agreed that while Fallout is gaining popularity with its record-high player count and new TV show, the studio does not want to rush any development. Fallout 76 will be the focus for now with the recent Ghoul gameplay teaser and Skyline Valley update.

Regarding dev support for Fallout 76, Todd stated that they plan to continue supporting the game as long as possible. “We are going to keep going, the game has never been so popular as it is right now", he continued. “We have a great kind of internal road map of things that we're doing for the next several years for that game.” Fallout 76 players can expect more content, such as a personal outpost, within the year.

These major updates for Fallout 76 have been included in Fallout 1st subscriptions and can be purchased via the Atomic Shop. When asked about the possibility of charging for specific content such as a paid DLC, Todd told MrMattyPlays that “The Atomic Shop and Fallout 1st allows BGS to do these big expansions and give it to everybody for free, that approach is working for Fallout 76 and you want the community to experience that together.”

Todd highlighted the importance of building and nurturing a community such as Fallout 76’s and shared “Shout out to the Fallout 76 community - "most friendly apocalypse that there could be.”

Bethesda Games Studios shared a roadmap of what players can expect for the game in the coming months, so stay tuned for the latest Bethesda news and announcements here at Starfield Portal.

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