You Actually Trade Stuff On Your Outposts Now?

starfield shop

starfield shop

Outposts are necessary for collecting resources in Starfield. They’re not just storage areas; if you have cargo links established, they become hubs for transferring resources as well. They also double as living spaces, homes away from home for a space explorer like you.

The one thing it doesn’t do is let you interact with a vendor so you can purchase items or sell off loot in the base game, that is. With this new mod in Nexus, you can now add an Outpost Trade Kiosk to your outposts.

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Credit: Nexus

There are many reasons to prefer this Trading Kiosk over the base game vendors scattered throughout the galaxy. One reason is that you don’t have to fast travel so many times to return to Akila City or New Atlantis just to sell off your loot.

The Trading Kiosk is rich with 400,000 credits to spend on your items. It is also programmed to accept contraband and stolen items, which will get you a bounty on your head if you attempt to sell it in UC territory.

The Kiosk also auto-resets after every transaction, so it doesn’t run out of credits.

As for storage space, you can always build another one within your Outpost’s compound if your first Kiosk runs out of space.

You can build your Kiosk by going to the Miscellaneous section when building your outpost. You’ll find the Kiosk as one of the options in that menu.

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