Outpost of the Week - Outpost on Zelzany II Icy Lake

starfield outpost

starfield outpost

Today marks the second month since the highly successful launch of Bethesda’s Starfield. By now, we’ve seen a lot of interesting content, some of which were already featured in our weekly Outpost of the Week content.

Today’s Outpost is quite different from everything you have seen. Many of our features are on flat land, mountain ranges, hilltops, and rivers. This one, however, is in a different setting - an iced lake.

According to the builder, this outpost is a work in progress. He built it on top of an icy lake on Zelzany II. It’s a good choice, planet-wise, as Zelzany II has eight resources they can mine. The choice of location, however, makes the outpost extraordinary.

The best part is - it’s still a work in progress!

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Credit: Reddit

From the image, we see a cross-shaped outpost with four habs. We don’t see a landing pad yet or any other structure, so it’s in our best interests to follow the builder’s thread to see what additional structures he’d put into the Outpost.

For now, explorers, let’s enjoy the weekly gallery and video as part of our Outpost of the Week featured content. Keep those creations coming into our social channels; we’re actively looking for new stuff to feature in our weekly photo and video galleries.

Since we’re on the topic of locations, did you know that you can randomize your character’s starting location? You don’t need to start at the generic starting point in every new game. This mod lets you start at random locations to give you more of a challenge with each spawn.

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