The Wand Company Debuts the Die-Cast Pip-Boy from Fallout TV Series

the wand company fallout pip-boy
Credit: Your Geek Fix

the wand company fallout pip-boy
Credit: Your Geek Fix

You can’t talk about anything related to Fallout without touching upon the Pip-Boy. This wrist-mounted device is a core component of the gameplay mechanic of the games.

Of course, as a Vault Dweller, Lucy would be wearing one such device when she ventures out into the Wasteland in the TV series. The device would be playing a similar role to its in-game counterparts, and we certainly find it interesting how the showrunners would adapt their version to the big screen.

It turns out, however, that we as players and viewers also have the opportunity to experience for ourselves how the Pip-Boy would turn out in real life. This is through the premium model of the Pip-Boy toy based on the one that appears in the Ella Purnell-led Prime Video television series.

Like the one in the TV show, turning a dial on the upper-right part of the device, which is made of die-cast metal, plays one of several animations in the large LCD screen. Turning the knob on the lower-right portion, on the other hand, activates specific radio station sounds that can be heard from the series as well.

More than just a plaything, the Pip-Boy comes with a heavy metal stand for you to prop the device on a tabletop. The Pip-Boy, like a smartwatch, has a Clock function that you can utilize to turn the device into a bedside timepiece.

The only thing that sets it apart from the game and TV show equivalents is a layer of memory foam on the inner lining. The memory foam works together with the straps and clasps on the Pip-Boy to fit it right on your arm.

It’s only less than a month until the premiere of the TV series on Prime Video. You’ll get to watch the entire series on release, so better set some time aside to enjoy the show.

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