Photo of the Week - Spacefarer Flexes Old Earth Gun

starfield spacefarer posing with m1911 gun with gas giant
Credit: X/MichiMediaVP

starfield spacefarer posing with m1911 gun with gas giant
Credit: X/MichiMediaVP

Starfield takes place more than 200 hundred years from our current time. In this setting, the stuff we know right now has become the core of legend, including all the beloved dog breeds, like the Labrador Retriever, that went extinct in the storyline.

Of course, not all have been lost to the great exodus to escape the rapidly deteriorating atmosphere of Earth. CD players and other vintage electronics have been seen as decorative items in the game, and some weaponry has even survived and remained usable in the Settled Systems.

That’s the flex our virtual photographer did for their character in Starfield. They claimed that people on Xbox loved their picture so much that they uploaded it to their X account, which is how they made it to our weekly Photo of the Week pick.

This portrait is uploaded to X by Michi Media VP, whose X username is @michimediavp. It is a close-up picture of their character holding a gun with a ringed gas giant in the background. However, the firearm in the character’s hand caught our attention.

It looks like an M1911 pistol, making it an old Earth weapon and an antique roughly 300 years old. These guns don’t have the punch packed by the more futuristic weaponry in the game, but the fact that they survived that long in the Settled Systems makes them cool.

Bethesda’s Latin American branch agreed, calling the snap an “album cover” in the comments. Other users, including CosmosThief, previously featured in our Photo of the Week, admired the portrait.

Do you think Old Earth weapons in Starfield are cool, or are they archaic and don’t deserve your time?

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