Starfield Players Call Foul on Chocolate Labs In-Game Munchies

starfield chocolate labs

starfield chocolate labs

There are many things to praise Starfield for, and there are equally as numerous items that players can complain about as well. These topics could be small or big in scope; it doesn’t matter to those involved in the argument.

In any case, we found something on Reddit that we found both interesting and hilarious. A Reddit user named Azuras-Becky uploaded a screenshot of some loot that she found in the person of a Pirate Marauder, and she was taking issue with a food item called 'Chocolate Labs.'

In the thread’s initial description, the OP said that the human race is doomed in the future if they believe in munching on Chocolate Labrador Retrievers for breakfast.

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Credit: Reddit

Upon closer look, the food item is called 'Breakfast Cereal: Chocolate Labs.' The description says, “Centauri Mills’ chocolates are shaped like an extinct canine called a Labrador Retriever.”

The item has a Value of 98 and restores 5 Health.

User Star Gundam Former said that they find the post “silly,” especially since the description states that, in the Starfield timeline, the Labrador Retrievers have already gone extinct.

Despitegirls, on the other hand, says that it perfectly makes sense for the humans in Starfield to think of an animal more as a food item than a pet because of what happened to Earth and the forced mass exodus.

While it’s harmless in the context of Starfield, who knows how people would react if somebody created a real-life version of this as they did with the Chunks and Shepherd’s Pie?

Regarding realism, this spacesuit created by X user Arborealkey gets the award. It appears to be part of a complete Crimson Fleet set that the user also used for a photoshoot.

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