Starfield Fan Finds a VHS Tape and Portable CD Player In-Game

starfield vhs tape and cd player

starfield vhs tape and cd player

They say that if you put in a lot of hours in an open-world RPG like Starfield, you’ll be bound to find stuff that other people could not find. X user Niko Mueller, a self-professed big Starfield fan who regularly publishes content on the Elon Musk-owned website, discovered a few old-world items after several NG+ runs.

These old-world items are a VHS tape and a portable CD player. These may not be as significant a find to most players, but for us, this is an additional layer of wordless storytelling in Bethesda’s newest space exploration RPG.

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Credit: X/NikoMueller

Why? It’s because, even today, these devices are considered archaic and vintage. Finding them within a game set more than 200 years after this time as decorative items indicates how humanity treats items from the old Earth in Starfield.

In a nod to their vintage nature, Niko Mueller asks in his post: “[I] wonder how many players even know what that is.” Not a lot, we daresay.

When asked by another user about the location of the items, he said that he stole them from a store in Neon, probably the Emporium.

This is not the first time this X user posted something that shook the playing community. Niko was the user who said that he’d met his original character in his 33rd NG+ run and recruited her into his current team.

Niko was also the brain behind a huge outpost with a fully equipped and functional production facility where all resources from his other outposts are transferred to and processed.

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