Player Pulls Daring Climb Up Outpost Tower to Take Picture

tall mountain red planet ship starfield
Credit: X/Aurora Stormrider

tall mountain red planet ship starfield
Credit: X/Aurora Stormrider

Some photographers are known for the awkward poses and difficulties they endure to get what they think is the perfect picture. However, Aurora Stormrider on X did more than stretch her character’s body and limb to get an excellent capture of their ship on Starfield.

They did the next best - or worst? - thing: they climbed and boosted their way up a very tall tower in their outpost so they could achieve the best angle they could for their next picture. Why don’t you see for yourself the video that they posted on their X feed?

Aurora Stormrider seems to agree with our assessment, describing her stunt as “only a crazy photographer would do.” While the final image is undoubtedly worth it, the jumping and boosting she had to do to make the picture a reality is a daredevil stunt.

Fortunately, it’s all within the game, and the worst she’d lose is only a certain amount of time in exchange for the bragging rights she deserves!

Bethesda’s social media managers are impressed with her feat, calling her “a pro.”

Aurora Stormrider provides daily updates on her exploration of the galaxy in Bethesda’s most successfully launched game. Her update informed us of an XP farm in Toliman II with its nest of Terrormorphs.

Stormrider, whose X username is AnnieKitzman, fought sixteen Terrormorphs of varying levels outside Londonion and earned upwards of 100 experience points for each creature she had slain.

Based on her X account video, the Terrormorphs were between levels 6 and 16.

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