Starfield Snags No. 4 Spot in Steam for Annual Concurrent Players

todd howard

todd howard

Despite the dropping scores and player count that Starfield has seen in the past couple of months, it still earned a spot in Steam’s year-end lists. Steam data has shown that Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG is in fourth place in concurrent player peaks for games released in 2023.

According to Steam data spotted by X user PeterOvo, Starfield’s all-time peak concurrent player count is 330,723.

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While it seems like a ray of hope, this information is not new. Fans will remember that this occurred just a few days after the game was launched on September 6.

Around this time, Bethesda had announced that Starfield had already reached six million players after the five million that activated their copies on release day. Data also revealed that 1 million people bought early access passes to play the game ahead on August 31.

Nowadays, Starfield’s Steam performance is the total opposite of what it recorded after launch. At one point, even Skyrim had surpassed Starfield’s concurrent player count and DICE’s Battlefield 2042.

Despite this, Starfield remains within the top 10 most-played games in the Xbox Series S and X console in the United States for November 2023. This was revealed by Mat Piscatella, Executive Director of gaming data aggregator Circana.

Much of the game’s negative reviews focus on user experience. Bethesda had already released previous updates that attempted to remedy those, including a patch that put in official DLSS3 support and one that removed the so-called “pet rocks.” However, many in the community remain unsatisfied.

Starfield is due to release a series of updates and its upcoming DLC, Shattered Space, although there is no specific date on which the additional content will be available.

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