Starfield Remains in the 10 Most-Played Games in Xbox Series Consoles

Mat Piscatella

Mat Piscatella

Starfield may be 'losing steam' over at Steam's gaming platform, but it’s holding its own against the best of the best in the most popular Xbox Series games. This was revealed by Mat Piscatella, the executive director of Circana (NPD), in his official X account.

Piscatella posted a screenshot titled “Nov 23 Top 20 Games Played on Xbox Series Ranked by Monthly Active Users (US). The screenshot showed that, for November 2023, Starfield ranked No. 6 by monthly active users. Granted, it fell two places from No. 4, which Roblox now occupies.

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Credit: X/Circana

Interestingly, the table showed that Electronic Arts’ Wild Hearts had jumped more than 400 places from 501 to No. 18. It replaced Overwatch, which climbed three places to No. 15.

This shows that many Xbox players still consistently spend time in Bethesda’s newest RPG instead of Steam players on PC. Reports such as this can be seen as a counterbalance to the dropping Steam scores and player count.

Additionally, Game Pass stats for Starfield remain unaccounted for, which would’ve painted a more accurate picture of Starfield’s performance.

As Paul Tassi had written, Starfield is not yet down for the count.

This report comes close after Phil Spencer’s announcement during CCXP 2023 that Starfield had already reached 12 million players. The game slowed down somewhat, from 10 million players in its first three weeks, but this remains positive news.

Bethesda has recently claimed that it has patched up a bug that attracts an asteroid or two to a player’s ship. However, many players on Reddit still see “pet rocks” following them around even after installing the update.

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