Battlefield 2042 Catches up to Starfield Player Count

battlefield 2042

battlefield 2042

When the dust settles, it’s really all about the player count when it comes to games. Player count is where Starfield excelled, even during early access. It was reported that Starfield had hit more than 330,000 players in the first few days of Premium and Constellation access.

Two months and ten days later, another game has overtaken Starfield in terms of player count. This game is DICE’s Battlefield 2042, which hit over 107,000 players. We will check it out and see what the story is on this one.

First, we will take a quick look at the numbers on Steam.

battlefield 2042
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According to Steam DB, as of the writing of this article, both Skyrim and Battlefield 2042 are currently being played more than Starfield. Battlefield 2042 is showing over double the players currently on Starfield. Not a great sign for Bethesda, considering how panned Battlefield 2042 was at launch.

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It’s also worth noting that Battlefield 2042 had twice the number of players of Starfield on October 12, when the FPS game had 107,376 users. This is a considerable jump from the roughly 11,000 players it had at the end of September.

This spike was due to DICE’s free weekend as part of the game’s Season 6 launch and the 84% discount that ran until October 26.

This is impressive, given that the reception for Battlefield 2042 was dismal upon release. It remains to be seen if the new season will help retain players for the EA title, as player count also dropped significantly in the four weeks since the recorded peak.

As for Starfield, Bethesda will have to introduce new content or fixes to catch up with its closest competitors and even its predecessors. Hopefully, the latest patch, which introduced DLSS support, will start that recovery.

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