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As Starfield passes its third month on the market, many players have already formed opinions and angry reactions to the bugs that have started to appear. While most are rants born out of frustration, a few critics take a more rational approach to presenting their case to the world.

One of these is Redditor Wahlrusberg, who posted a meaningful thread on Reddit titled “On Starfield and the idea of "Doing a No Man's Sky."

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A portion of Wahlrusberg's Reddit thread.

While he agrees that many buggy games improve over time with additional content and that Starfield is less buggy at launch than its competitors - No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 in particular - he doesn’t see Starfield making a huge change to its core mechanics the way these games did.

That’s because, he said, Bethesda doesn’t see Starfield as a problematic issue that would require them to make a major revamp the way No Man’s Sky’s developers did.

Wahlrusberg points to the behavior of Bethesda’s customer service representatives on Steam and the recent tirade by Bethesda’s design director Emil Pagliarulo as indicators of how seriously Bethesda views the shortcomings of what has been touted as their biggest game so far.

He then ended his post by stating that he believes there will be additional content and improvements to Starfield. Still, he also thinks that they won’t be significant enough to consider a “2.0” transition for the open-world space exploration RPG.

“People shouldn’t be holding their breaths for that,” he concluded.

Emil Pagliarulo recently joined the online arguments around Starfield’s shortcomings, calling most of the critics “disconnected” and advising them to “not fool [themselves]” into thinking that they know the inner workings of game development.

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