Starfield Unjustified Walkthrough

Starfield unjustified quest katherine dialogue about her husband tom

Starfield unjustified quest katherine dialogue about her husband tom

Unjustified is a side quest in Starfield found in Neon City. A murder mystery that takes you to the underbelly of Neon, with you here to serve justice. The perfect quest for detective roleplay

How to Unlock Unjustified

You need to visit the Quikshop in the underbelly of Neon City. Here, you will meet Katherine Luzion.

starfield unjustified quik shop location
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When you first interact with her, she refuses to talk about anything until some time passes.

starfield unjustified wait to talk to katherine
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Wait for 24 hours and then talk to her again. Katherine explains that someone has murdered her husband, Thomas.

starfield unjustified waiting on chair
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She asks you to talk with Tevin Anastas, the only witness to the crime.

Unjustified Walkthrough

Talk to Tevin Anastas

You can find Tevin at the Essence Emporium in Bayu Plaza. Visit him there and speak to him. Initially, he hesitates to speak about the crime as Neon Security has threatened him not to talk.

stafield unjustified speak to tevin
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Convince or Bribe Tevin Anastas

Here, you have to persuade Tevin and make him talk; this persuasion is pretty easy. The alternative option is to pay 1000 Credits to get him to talk.

starfield tevin reveals who culprit is in unjustified
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After this, Tevin reveals that he saw someone kill and push Thomas into the ocean. After this, he reported the incident to Neon Security, where a guard strictly ordered him to keep his mouth shut. The killer's name is Rusty, and you can find him near the Sleep Crates next to Madame Sauvage’s Place in the Ebbside district.

While you're here, you can also pick up the Mob Mentality quest for Tevin.

Find Rusty

Rusty will be in an alleyway at Ebbside. Walk near him, and he’ll ask you for Credits. Confront him, and he will confess to the crime but claims that it was a mistake.

starfield unjustified deal with rusty options
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Rusty will plead for his life, and you get two options plus an extra.

  • Attack and kill Rusty; keep in mind that he will attack back.
  • Ask Rusty to leave the city and never return.
  • (Space Scoundrel) Get extra credits before you make your decision.

The choice will not have an impact on the outcome of the quest.

Return to Katherine

Return to Katherine after you are done dealing with Rusty and reveal the details of her husband’s death. Doing so will complete the quest, and you will be rewarded.

starfield unjustified return to katherine
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level Dependent
starfield unjustified quest rewards
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This concludes this little murder mystery side quest. If you want to help someone else with their issues with punks from the Ebbside, try the Bare Metal quest.

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