Starfield Bare Metal Walkthrough

starfield bare metal styx painted body

starfield bare metal styx painted body

The Bare Metal quest has you deal with a gang of vandals who have been bothering Frank Renick at Neon Tactical.

How to Unlock Bare Metal

You can unlock the Bare Metal quest by talking to Frank Renick and asking him about his vandalized robot. Frank Renick is located in Neon Tactical near the middle of Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii Star System.

starfield bare metal neon tactical
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Frank wants you to help deal with the Disciple gang member Warlord, who did this to Styx. Frank fears they'll up their antics and come after his life. The Disciples are known for being a crazy bunch in Neon City.

Bare Metal Quest Walkthrough

Go to Euphorika

Make your way to the bar known as Euphorika in the Ebbside. Once inside, you'll see Warlord and another Disciple in their gang attire on the left.

Speak to Warlord

When you talk to Warlord, you only have two options to get him to pay up.

starfield bare metal warlord dialogue
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You can either pass a Persuasion check to convince Warlord or decide to attack him. He'll be at a manageable level 6 and his companion at level 10.

starfield bare metal euphorika warlord fighting
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Whether you talk it through or attack him, take the item Warlord's Credits. You can also rob some extra Credits off of him. The Ebbside Strikers would be proud of you for dealing with the Disciples.

starfield bare metal loot warlord's body
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Return to Frank

Bring Warlord's Credits back to Frank, and he'll thank you for helping out him and Styx.

starfield bare metal frank thanks
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Bare Metal Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level dependent

That concludes our guide for the Bare Metal quest in Starfield. If you want to get involved in the Neon City gang wars, join the Ebbside Strikers.

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