Starfield Mob Mentality Walkthrough

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The Essence Emporium might be the most pretentious place in Neon City, but no one deserves to be threatened with violence and blackmailed. Help out Tevin Anastas in the quest Mob Mentality.

How to Unlock Mob Mentality

You unlock the Mob Mentality quest by getting the 'Talk to Tevin Anastas' activity by overhearing people in Bayu Plaza in Neon City or by walking into the Essence Emporium and speaking to him.

Mob Mentality Walkthrough

Speak to Tevin Anastas

Speak with Tevin Anastas at the counter, and he'll tell you about the trouble he has recently been having with some thugs from the Ebbside. They're threatening him with violence and extorting protection money. Offer to help him out with the thug named Headlock. Hopefully, your version of the Essence Emporium won't be filled with corpses.

essence emporium inside with Tevin Anastas
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Oh woops how did those bodies get there

Ask Frankie about Headlock

To learn about Headlock's hideout, you need to get the information from Frankie, who runs Frankie's Grab and Go. She'll be reluctant to help, and you'll have a couple of options to get the information.

  • Use Persuasion to convince her to let you know the location.
  • Use the Neon Street Rat trait dialogue to get her cooperation.
  • Pay her 500 Credits to get Headlock's location.
mob mentality frankie dialogue
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Go to Warehouse 04

Frankie will tell you that Headlock is hanging around Warehouse 04 with the rest of the goons from the Seokgyuh Syndicate.

Starfield mob mentality go to warehouse 04
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Deal with Headlock

Once inside, you'll see Headlock hanging around with other thugs. He'll try to act tough, but you can quickly shut down this upstart rookie. Here are the methods you have to deal with Headlock:

  • Use the Space Scoundrel trait to threaten him.
  • Use Persuasion to convince him he won't make it out of this alive.
  • Simply attack and kill Headlock and the rest of his cronies.
mob mentality headlock dialogue options
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Return to Tevin Anastas

You can return to Tevin Anastas at the Essence Emporium and tell him you have dealt with his problem. He'll be pleased and give you your reward.

Starfield mob mentality quest rewards Tevin Anastas
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Mob Mentality Quest Rewards

  • XP - 115
  • Credits - Level Dependant

That concludes our guide for the Mob Mentality quest. If you want to deal with some more punks in Neon City, you might want to try out the Bare Metal quest.

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