UC Vanguard Questline - The Devils You Know

starfield intercom on table with vae victis in prison cell for the devils you know quest

starfield intercom on table with vae victis in prison cell for the devils you know quest

The Devils You Know is a part of the UC Vanguard questline. You’ve been summoned to the depths of the MAST building to meet a classified individual. He has a proposition for you to help with Hadrian’s Terrormorph research. It’s time to bring a criminal to justice in the quest The Devils You Know.

The Devils You Know Walkthrough

Head to Subsection Seven

Head to Subsection Seven and attend the meeting with a stranger who has asked to meet you.

starfield the devils you know subsection seven
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Proceed to your Meeting

Keep following the quest marker until you reach a door with a security guard waiting. Wait a bit till the guard lets you inside.

starfield the devils you know subsection seven door
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Use the Intercom

You’ll come to a room with a prison cell and a man inside it. Use the intercom on the table to initiate dialogue.

Speak to Vae Victis

Listen and talk with the man inside, who will reveal his identity as the presumably executed Vae Victis. He will offer to help assemble Hadrian’s Terrormorph research team if you track down and kill Dr. Reginald Orlasse.

starfield the devils you know subsection seven vae victus
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Speak to Deputy MacIntyre (Optional)

If you feel suspicious of Vae Victis, speak with Deputy MacIntyre about Vae. She will tell you about his history and ask you to bring Dr. Reginald back alive.

Travel to The Den

Now, travel to The Den in the Wolf Star System. Approach and dock this space station. It’s also one of the best places to sell your Contraband.

starfield the devils you know the den
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Speak to Captain Marques

Once there, speak with Captain Marques, who will tell you about Dr. Reginald and a spacecraft going by The Warlock, which he seems to be piloting.

starfield the devils you know the den captain marquez
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Find the Warlock

The Warlock can be found in the same Wolf solar system near Etherea. Once you get close to the spacecraft, it will automatically engage in combat, so come prepared for a battle.

starfield the devils you know the etherea ruins
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Destroy the Ship or Disable the Engines

You have two choices here. The first one is to disable the engines and board the Warlock to retrieve Dr. Reginald alive, or you can destroy the ship, killing Reginald on the spot. However, boarding the Warlock will result in Dr. Reginald killing himself, and you can’t prevent this.

starfield the devils you know space combat with the warlock
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Collect the Evidence

After you either destroy the ship or disable the engines. Collect the evidence from the Warlock or Dr. Reginald’s body.

Return to Vae Victis

Head back to Subsection Seven in New Atlantis and speak to Vae Victis.

starfield the devils you know vae victus speak
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Submit the Evidence

Hand over the evidence you collected to him. Once you have done that, Vae will ensure all the members return to The Red Devils. He will also tell you the location of the missing member, Kaiser.

starfield the devils you know transfer id card as evidence
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This concludes The Devils You Know Quest.

The Devils You Know Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 150
  • Credits - 3000

Next, we have the quest, War Relics, where we revive the lovable Kaiser.

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