Starfield - The Boot Walkthrough

starfield the boot is cursed

starfield the boot is cursed

The Boot is a quest that seems ridiculous but is way darker than it appears. You're tasked with getting rid of a pair of supposedly cursed boots, but things might take a turn for the worse if you don't heed the warnings.

How to Unlock The Boot

You can unlock The Boot quest by listening to a conversation between Antonio Bianchi and a disgruntled customer. Head to New Atlantis and take an elevator down into The Well. Make your way to UC Surplus, where you'll overhear an argument involving a seemingly cursed pair of boots. Speak to Antonio afterward to start the quest. You can speak to him multiple times and reload the area to get the quest to start.

starfield the boot overheard argument
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The Boot Walkthrough

Speak to Antonio Bianchi

Speak to Antonio Bianchi at UC Surplus about the argument you overheard. Apparently, he has a cursed pair of boots that cause bad luck to whoever has them, and they keep returning to him somehow. He wants you to get rid of them by tucking them away at a distant space station.

starfield the boot deliver boots to the den
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Go to The Den

Jump to the Wolf Star System and go to The Den, one of the best spots to sell Contraband.

starfield the boot wolf star system the den
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Place the Boots in the Crate

Make your way inside the ship and enter a corridor towards a seemingly abandoned crate. However, as you walk up to the crate, a dialogue is triggered, and a worker shows interest in purchasing the boots.

starfield the boot crate for boots
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Sell the Boots to the Worker (Optional)

Initially, the worker will want to buy your boots for 500 Credits. You can increase this to 1000 Credits via negotiation. However, remember that the boots are cursed. You can still complete the quest normally if you sell the boots.

starfield the boot worker dialogue to buy the boots
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The downside is that this decision is actually quite evil. If you return to The Den, you'll find that the worker died due to a mysterious accident with the boots still on him. Decide if the man's life is worth some Credits.

Return to Antonio Bianchi

Return to UC Surplus in The Well and tell Antonio you got rid of the boots. This will finish the quest, and you can claim your rewards.

starfield the boot report that you've gotten rid of them
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The Boot Quest Rewards

  • XP - 150
  • Credits - Depends on Level + 500/1000

That concludes our walkthrough for The Boot quest. If you're in the mood for some more supernatural space horror, you might want to read up on the haunted ship Pale Lady.

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