Starfield The Akila Run Walkthrough

akila run starfield

akila run starfield

Help out Mr Sood with a delivery that requires discretion and the authorities not finding out. Smuggle some Contraband into the heart of the Freestar Collective in the quest The Akila Run.

Starfield: The Akila Run

How to Unlock The Akila Run

You can unlock The Akila Run by meeting with Mr. Sood in Hopetown on Polvo in the Valo System. You will find him in front of HopeTech, leaning against a wall at the right side of the main entrance.

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Speak with Mr. Sood

Talk with Mr Sood, and mention that you value discretion. He will ask you to smuggle a package into Akila City. The package is a piece of Contraband that security will make a fuss about if you're caught with it on board.

starfield the akila run speak to mr sood
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How to Carry Contraband in The Akila Run

There are a few ways for players to carry Contraband items in and out. You can either get a Scan Jammer or Shielded Cargo for your spaceship.

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How to get Shielded Cargo

These ship modules can be acquired from the vendor Lon Anderssen at The Red Mile in Porrima 3. Speak with him to access the shipbuilder menu, and from there, you can attach either of the two onto your ship.

Shielded Cargo can also be purchased from Jasmine, located at The Key Space Station. However, buying it from her requires you to join the Crimson Fleet Faction.

The Deception Skill also comes in handy as it reduces the effectiveness of the scans when entering a planet.

Smuggle Mr Sood's Package In To Akila City

Once you successfully smuggle it, you have to deliver the package to Tom Starrett. Carrying contraband in the orbits of the Settled Systems is considered illegal. Space authorities will check your spaceship. If the scanner picks up the contraband item, you will be forced to pay a bounty and give up the illegal item.

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Deliver the package to Tom Starret

Once you sneak the contraband item into Akila City, Track down Tom Starret, who can be found near the brewery on the left side of the city, deliver the package to him, and collect your payment to finish the mission.

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Quest Rewards

XP - 75

Credits - Level Dependant

That concludes our guide for The Akila Run quest in Starfield. If smuggling seems like your thing, maybe you’d want to invest in the Smuggler build.

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