Starfield Mod Revamps the Survival Mechanic With Brand New Food Mechanics

Image of starfield sandwich mod
Credit: Bethesda and DarkFox127

Image of starfield sandwich mod
Credit: Bethesda and DarkFox127

Starfield’s explorative gameplay has made fans love the brand-new IP from Bethesda. While space exploration, outpost creation, and shipbuilding are nearly perfect, many players still believe a survival mechanic overhaul is needed.

Thanks to creative modders such as DarkFox127, quick mods like the latest Starfield Survival Sandwich survival mode patch are available to players who want to have a twist on Starfield’s survival mechanic.

An image of a starfield meatloaf
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Credit: Bethesda and DarkFox127

Available to download on Nexus mods, the Starfield Survival Sandwich is a quick patch that overhauls the game's hunger and thirst feature.

Instead of having a 30-minute buff for Well Fed and Hydrated status across all types of food in the galaxy, the mod introduces tiered nourishment and hydration based on what food item the players consume.

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In vanilla Starfield, food and drink provide a nourishment buff for precisely 30 minutes. Consuming food and drinks can be a bit tedious, as the game will give the same buffs regardless of the food type.

With this mod, a meatloaf will provide a much longer nourishment effect than an apple, and some fruits will provide hydration buffs while alcohol will start to give dehydration debuffs.

an image of a starfield watermelon
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Credit: Bethesda and DarkFox127

In addition to new nourishment tiers, the mod also improved the naming conventions for consumables. It will help players understand what they get from a particular food type right off the bat.

The mod also improves on the tiered buffs, meaning that lower-tiered buffs will no longer replace higher-tiered buffs; lower-tiered buffs will always be replaced by better and higher-tiered buffs.

While the Survival Sandwich mod adds layers of complexity to the survival mechanics, it is designed to enhance immersion without overwhelming players. It strikes a balance, offering a richer gameplay experience that demands thoughtful resource management without bogging players down with overly complicated mechanics.

Whether you prefer to have new survival mechanics or just chill out while making the best outpost in the galaxy, feel free to follow Starfield Portal for the latest news and updates.

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