Starfield Players Say That the Game Needs a Balanced Survival Mechanic

a man is standing in front of a table with a sandwich on it .

a man is standing in front of a table with a sandwich on it .

In Starfield’s immersive universe, survival mechanics add depth and realism to the gameplay, rewarding players with bonuses as long as they can keep their characters within the survival threshold.

Starfield's survival mechanics, such as carry weight management and hunger/hydration balance, are not to be underestimated. Overloading your character with items leads to debuffs while neglecting your character's basic needs results in penalties. This underscores the importance of these mechanics in the game.

However, fans in a recent Reddit post say this hunger mechanic needs an overhaul. Initially posted by u/BurtLikko, going from the “Fed” status to “Malnourished” status immediately removes the realism and makes the game’s mechanics look and feel silly.

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The desire for realism in survival mechanics resonated with many members of the subreddit community. Several users shared similar sentiments, emphasizing balancing realism and gameplay enjoyment. Achieving a more nuanced approach to hunger and nourishment could lead to a more immersive and satisfying gaming experience for players.

The thread became a space for brainstorming potential solutions to address Starfield's survival mechanics' need for a middle ground. Suggestions included implementing a gradual decline in performance as hunger levels increase, introducing a "satiated" state where players receive neither bonuses nor penalties, incorporating additional factors such as player weight management, and tweaking UT hours into the equation.

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Players may see a new survival mechanic added with the upcoming Shattered Space DLC. A Creation Kit will also help content creators create mods to improve the current survival mechanic.

Whether you prefer to play Starfield with these survival mechanics turned on or off, stay updated with the latest Starfield news on Starfield Portal.

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