Starfield Fans Share Why They Love the Game: A Community Perspective

a man in a leather jacket is standing in front of a space ship in space .
Credit: Bethesda

a man in a leather jacket is standing in front of a space ship in space .
Credit: Bethesda

Since its release, Starfield has garnered mixed receptions from players and critics but has started to experience an upward trend in player count due to the recent Update 4.

The update included bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements for the action role-playing game, which was well-received by most of its player base. With this, players are positively keen on what could be included in the upcoming Shattered Space DLC and shared their thoughts on why they love the Bethesda game.

Posted by u/GWGTRLBG in a recent Reddit thread in the r/NoSodiumStarfield subreddit, they asked players to share what they love about the game, and the responses highlight the many reasons why Starfield has captured the hearts of its community. One of the main drivers for this positive reception is how Bethesda designed the game and created a great sci-fi exploration formula.

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According to some players, Starfield is a Bethesda game through and through. From quests to exploration and customization, the game gives players nearly unlimited freedom to be what they want and do things how they want to do them. While some players admit that Bethesda has lagged when it comes to combat, the art direction and game design poured into the game suits the genre amazingly well.

Another talking point in this thread is how players are given the ultimate choice on how to customize their character. May it be a background, a trait, or even combat styles, Starfield provides customization features that let players fulfill their fantasy sci-fi dreams.

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Credit: Bethesda

Ship customization and outpost building have improved since the latest update, and more players are spending countless hours creating the most sinister ships and extravagant outposts they can think of.

Star Wars has also been a huge part of why Starfield became a hit to players who love the space and sci-fi genre. Being able to jump to different moons and planets, wield beam guns, and encounter hellish creatures are the main influences brought by the Star Wars franchise. Players love the game and movies so much that they even created a Mandalorian overhaul mod for Starfield.

These heartfelt responses from the Starfield community showcase the diverse and deeply personal reasons players love the game. From its expansive universe and rich storytelling to the freedom it offers and the supportive community around it, Starfield has truly made its mark as a beloved title in the gaming world.

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