Redditor Thinks Starfield Should Implement Fallout 4’s Settlement System

preston garvey starfield outpost
Credit: Bethesda

preston garvey starfield outpost
Credit: Bethesda

As a spiritual successor, Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, Starfield, shares many similarities with the Fallout games, mainly Fallout 4. However, Bethesda’s newest space exploration title lacks the robust settlement system of the most recent Fallout game.

Fallout 4 lets you 'colonize' existing settlements and help develop them so they can produce their resources and build a viable defense. You cannot build anywhere in the Wasteland like Starfield allows; instead, you’re limited only to what has been previously built, and it’s your job to work your way up with them.

While Starfield does allow the building of Outposts on several planets, these 'settlements' are limited only to resource management. While they are manned by human and robot crews that provide defense, the population of the outposts is limited only to what the players assign to them.

Finding this feature lacking, several Redditors are clamoring for the inclusion of the Settlement system into Starfield.

One user, neurosean29, said that Bethesda could allow players to claim a POI after clearing it of enemies and then link that location to existing outposts to share resources.

He also pointed out that he sees remnants of this system in the League of Independent Settlers, which allowed groups of NPCs to settle and develop colonies on habitable planets.

Lady_bro_ac seemed to agree, pointing out a quest in the LIST storyline that resembles settlement management in Fallout 4. In this quest, the player has to negotiate a peace agreement between two independent settlements under L.I.S.T. while helping to defend them against pirates.

However, Onefoldbrain pointed out that the current settlement system, if there is any, in Starfield is “terrible” due to the lack of a shared inventory. He pointed out that although Starfield only allows you to link outposts together through cargo links, there are no item filters to aid management.

He also points out that Starfield does not allow you to craft weapons, ammo, and aid items from resources placed in an outpost’s inventory, which renders resource management pointless.

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