Starfield Rough Landings Walkthrough

starfield rough landings quest start location

starfield rough landings quest start location

If you're looking to help out a struggling family in Akila City, then you're going to get a smuggler pardoned in the quest Rough Landings.

How to Unlock Rough Landings

To unlock the Rough Landings quest, you need to find and speak to Marko Jansen and offer to help him and his wife, who have been going through times since landing in Akila City. He is located in The Stretch near The Low House. Head to the leftmost alley of Akila City, and you'll see him in front of his shack.

starfield charity of the wolf marko jansen dialogue
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Rough Landings Walkthrough

Speak to Marko Jansen

Speak to Marko Jansen, who will tell you how he and his wife face hardships in Akila City. If you offer to help, he'll ask you to seek out a relative named Milena Axelrod, who could provide him with some work.

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Meet Up with Milena Axelrod

Milena Axelroad will be found aboard her ship, The Dalliance. However, her location will be randomized somewhere in the Cheyenne Star System. You just need to go to the orbit of the marked planet.

starfield rough landings milena location
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Defeat the Crimson Fleet Ships

When you find her, Milena Axelrod will be in a confrontation with three Crimson Fleet ships. Defeat the Crimson Fleet pirates to proceed further. It's a 2v3, and their ships are pretty low-level. It shouldn't be an issue for anyone who has spent time with shipbuilding or knows how space combat works.

starfield rough landings dalliance vs crimson fleet
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Board the Dalliance

Once you defeat the pirates, Milena will invite you onboard. Board the Dalliance.

starfield rough landings board the dalliance
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Talk to Milena

Speak to Milena and tell her that Marko sent you. She'll be willing to help, but she needs you to figure out a way to land in Akila City legally again. She was previously banned and became a 'persona non grata' due to some legal issues in the past. She suggests you talk to Mayor Elias Cartwright or Tom Starrett from the Trade Authority.

starfield rough landings board the dalliance and talk to milena
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Talk to Mayor Elias Cartwright

You can talk to Elias Cartwright in Akila City and speak to him about Milena. He'll tell you that they used to be friends, and she was banned due to the smuggling of Contraband. There are three approaches you can take here:

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  • Use Persuasion for a somewhat tricky check that needs 8 points in 3 turns. Be sure to use Persuasion-boosting aids beforehand.
  • Pay 5000 Credits to clear Milena's name and have her return legally.
  • Vouch for her as a Freestar Ranger. Note that you need to complete the Freestar Rangers questline for this dialogue option.
starfield rough landings elias cartwright dialogue options
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Talk to Tom Starrett

Tom Starrett can get Milena a forged license that circumvents the rules at the low price of 1000 Credits. If you fail to persuade Mayor Cartwright, this is the best option to pick.

starfield rough landings pay tom starrett
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Speak to Marko Jansen

Return to Marko Jansen, who will tell you that he now has a job as an importer for Milena, and he'll thank you for everything you've done. This will complete the Rough Landings quest.

starfield rough landings marko jansen thankful
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Rough Landings Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - High(Level dependant)

That concludes our walkthrough for the Rough Landings quest. If you're interested in helping people in Akila City, you can help with the Ashta problem.

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