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mech designed ship

mech designed ship

Science fiction and robots go hand in hand. Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration RPG, Starfield, even has its resident robot, Vasco. However, Vasco is only available in the Constellation faction. There’s nowhere else you can find another like him.

Maybe that’s what inspired Reddit user Advanced_Sector_3442 to build his own robot. Based on his Reddit post, he has allied with the United Colonies instead of the Constellation.

Thus, he doesn’t have access to Vasco, but he more than made up for it with the size of his robot, or rather, his ship shaped like a mecha.

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Credit: Reddit

This user’s ship is taller than it is long or wide. It’s about four stories high and the width of three ships side by side. He even placed his cockpit high up and in the middle, simulating the robot cockpits of games like Armored Core.

Last but not least, he built a protruding cannon (or so it looks like) on the right shoulder of his ship to complete the mecha motif.

Check out his ship’s gallery on Reddit. It contains 20 beautiful images of the mech/ship in action, including some space shots.

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Credit: Bethesda

Speaking of robots, did you know you could get Vasco to help entertain your viewers while you stream your game on Twitch? It’s a fact that talking while playing can be exhausting for some players, and viewers are known to leave streams that have too much silence.

Well, Bethesda and Twitch have partnered to make it possible for you to bring Vasco into your stream. He can take over the entertaining part like a virtual assistant so that you can concentrate on your game.

Vasco is also coming to life, thanks to Purearts, who will be producing a 1/6 scale fully articulated model of the Constellation robot. Available in Q3 2024, the toy producer said the scale will have 15 points of articulation.

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