Max Out Ship Perks for Vasco or Shipmates With This New Mod



Vasco is a handy companion when you’re working with the Constellation. One of his duties would be to guard your ship or to accompany you in your exploring adventures in Starfield. However, he doesn’t have any perks at all on the ship, but that is about to change.

Head to Nexus Mods and check the mod Vasco - All Ship Perks.

vasco starfield
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Credit: Nexus

As you can see, this modder’s Vasco is assigned to his ship and is given four skills: Aneuronic Fusion, Shield Systems, EM Weapon Systems, and Piloting. This means that, with this mod installed, Vasco becomes more than just a mere companion. He is a fully-fledged crew member.

You can do the same for your shipmates if you don’t have Vasco on your team or are in another faction. The mod comes with two batch files - one is for Vasco and the other for your shipmates.

vasco robot starfield
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Aside from giving them ship perks, you can also max out Outpost and Combat Perks for your companions with this mod.

Lastly, you can add perks that the modder has not programmed into this mod. That’s because the BAT files are editable, so you can remove any perks you don’t like and figure in others that you think would be useful for your NPCs.

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