Starfield Players Now Number 12 Million, Phil Spencer Says

phil spencer and todd howard with a galactic backdrop

phil spencer and todd howard with a galactic backdrop

Starfield, Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG franchise, has reached another milestone. This was revealed by Xbox CEO Phil Spencer while being interviewed during CCXP23 in Brazil. According to the executive, Starfield now has 12 million players.

Watch Phil reveal that statistic 19 minutes into the interview.

He also told the interviewer that he has personally played the game, and he strongly believes that Starfield will be a special game.

Spencer also reiterated what Todd Howard had already revealed weeks after Starfield’s very successful launch - the Creation Kit will be dropping to enable players to “create their own content” on the game.

Spencer also reminded the audience that there will be a DLC coming to Starfield, which is Shattered Space. Unfortunately, he didn’t give out any specifics about the DLC.

With all the upcoming updates, Spencer expressed confidence that Starfield will be playable for many years to come, like its predecessor, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Spencer also unveiled the trailer for the upcoming expansion for Bethesda’s first-ever online multiplayer game, Fallout 76, during the interview. The video introduced, among others, the new characters that will join the game through the expansion pack, which is called “Atlantic City Boardwalk Paradise.”

Starfield has been observed to suffer plummeting scores and playership on the gaming platform Steam. Two weeks ago, Battlefield 2042 had overtaken the game in terms of concurrent player peak, although Paul Tassi observes that this is only due to a weekend promo.

Interestingly, Skyrim also took off in concurrent player count, eclipsing its successor’s falling numbers.

Bethesda’s customer support representatives have been seen last week actively replying to Starfield’s negative comments on Steam. While it seems odd, other game developers say that this actually standard practice among the industry.

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