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juice pouches

juice pouches

If you talk about Starfield, it’s inevitable that the Fallout franchise will come up next to the Elder Scrolls property.

Bethesda fans truly love these titles, so, unsurprisingly, somebody devised ways to integrate Fallout content into the company’s latest open-world RPG.

In fact, somebody made a mod that will bring refreshments from Fallout into the Starfield universe.

Aptly named the “Old World Refreshments,” the mod replaces the default refreshments and vending machines with their counterparts from the Fallout franchise.

For example, the Centauri Mills Vending Machines are turned into the Fancy Lad Snack Cake & Sugar Bombs Vending Machines from Fallout 4. The Original Nuka-Cola also replaces Starfield’s BOOM POP! Coke.

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Credit: Nexus

These changes are merely cosmetic, but they should trigger nostalgia for Fallout fans who are now playing the highly successful Starfield.

The mod is available for free on NexusMods. Be sure to follow the instructions so you can enjoy what this mod will bring to your game.

Speaking of Fallout, Starfield director Todd Howard admitted in an interview that they had considered bringing elements of Fallout into their newest space exploration game.

Specifically, they wanted to put the Washington D.C. from Fallout 3 into the abandoned Earth in Starfield. However, Howard explained that they experienced a slowdown in production of the needed assets during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, that plan, along with many others, got scrapped.

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The Federal Trade Commission leaked document also listed Fallout 3 as part of Microsoft’s slate for Fiscal Year 2024, hinting at a possible remake. neither Bethesda, Microsoft, or Xbox has confirmed this, or Xbox.

The FTC is currently investigating Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision as part of its regulatory commitments.

Keep checking back for more Starfield news, updates, and Ships and Outposts of the Week.

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