Starfield Player Receives Vasco Funko Pop after 6 Months

starborn guardian ship starfield vasco funko pop
Credit: Bethesda/Xbox Gear Shop

starborn guardian ship starfield vasco funko pop
Credit: Bethesda/Xbox Gear Shop

Some things are worth waiting for, including this Starfield Funko Pop figure of none other than VAS-119. We all know this robot more as Vasco than as its model number; after all, he’s one of the main companions for the player’s character in Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG.

Our Redditor, Academic-List-3968, was patient enough to wait for this 4-inch vinyl figure to arrive at his doorstep after ordering it right after the highly successful launch of Starfield in September of last year.

He is one of the lucky ones—that figure sold out almost immediately after it became available for pre-order at the Xbox Gear Shop. A closer look at the toy’s page reveals that it is still highly popular, as 336 interested parties have put it into their wishlist.

However, there is still no official information about a possible reissue of the Funko Pop figure, which is exclusive to the Xbox Gear Shop.

Academic-List-3968 wasted no time sharing his haul to a Reddit thread, which garnered many reactions from other users. Another user, twizz0r, said that he had also ordered a copy six months ago but is yet to receive it, although he hasn’t given up yet and is hopeful that it will show up on his doorstep someday.

Users oreles and chojinzo share this sentiment, while Megalodon217 said that he had received a notification that his Vasco figure had been shipped and should be delivered to his home soon.

This is similar to the experience of Twitter influencer Unboxed with Josh, who had to wait six months to receive his Starfield H5 Flow PC case and Starfield Lift 2 gaming mouse from NZXT.

He also pre-ordered these computer accessories when Bethesda and NZXT announced their partnership to produce limited-edition items.

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