Player Builds Vault-Tec Ship and Gives It Headcanon

vault tec inspired ship starfield
Credit: Reddit/RecentAd3040

vault tec inspired ship starfield
Credit: Reddit/RecentAd3040

One Starfield player has created an impressive and plausible headcanon for his Vault-Tec-inspired creation.

Fallout-inspired content is nothing new when it comes to Starfield. We saw that ship built by Bethesda's PR executive just a few days after launch in September last year.

Today, we unearthed an impressive vessel with Vault-Tec's iconic blue and yellow motif. It even comes with its own headcanon, which depicts Vault-Tec taking its humanity preservation efforts to space.

last vault-tec colony ship in starfield
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Credit: Reddit/RecentAd4030

Probably influenced by the highly successful Fallout live-action TV show on Prime Video, creator RecentAd4030 said that his ship is the last remnant of a Vault-Tec fleet of colony ships that attempted to escape Earth in an alternate universe during the catastrophe that destroyed it.

This ship and many others managed to escape from their home planet but encountered enemy ships near the outer edges of the Sol star system. All but this lone survivor called the VT-111, made it out of that slaughter.

Unfortunately, none of the future space explorers and the competing factions ever found the VT-111 or any evidence of its existence, save for a bottle of Nuka Cola found orbiting space near Neptune.

This new ship reminds me of the mod for Starfield that changes the default mine accident intro into a Fallout-inspired escape from Vault 77 into space.

The mod turns the player into a Vault Dweller in Vault 77, who's been marked for execution. The player is then assisted by an unknown entity to escape the Vault and fly to Cydonia aboard a Nova Galactic Frontier ship.

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