Starfield Player Shows Off Extensive Plushie Collection

starfield plushie collection
Credit: X

starfield plushie collection
Credit: X

Despite Todd Howard’s warning months ago that overencumbrance is a personal choice rather than a limitation placed by game code, some players still collect stuff in Starfield that otherwise has no intrinsic value to their experience. These collectibles include the understandably irresistible plushies.

Plushies are notable because they don’t serve a purpose in the games, unlike the bobbleheads and the comic books in Fallout. However, they are also cute, which leaves most explorers unable to resist their charm.

How can you say “No” to a smiling Wilby that you find in an abandoned colony on a barren planet?

This player, whose X username is Kiefer53193272, went even further by collecting not just one type of plushie but six! He even set aside two display racks on what seems like his loft property to show off his collection to anyone interested.

When translated, his X post says: “I finally did it!” This implies that our player has been hard at work scouring planets and installations just to find all 45 plushies in that collection, which includes two Galacticats and 18 My Friend Wilbys.

We find this collection interesting because it illustrates the relative rarity of each model. Wilbys appear to be the most numerous in the game, while Galacticats are the rarest. If you ask us, however, the Galacticat is also the least interesting as it seems unable to stand up and needs to lie down on display all the time.

Wilby is also the first in-game plushie to receive an official crochet pattern designed by none other than Bethesda’s Senior Environment Artist, Megan Sawyer. The pattern can be downloaded for free!

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