Starfield Players Unite Against One Common Enemy: Ladders

image of a spaceship ladder
Credit: Bethesda

image of a spaceship ladder
Credit: Bethesda

A recent discussion in the Starfield subreddit had people questioning why no one is creating vertical ships.

Reddit user u/AlanWakeUpNow has created a vertical ship that looks almost like a mech from a different game or anime and asks why no one is creating similar mechs.

While many fellow players applaud the vertical ship's effort, mech design, and color scheme, most players share the one thing that prevents them from doing a vertical ship: Ladders.

image of a ship mech
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Credit: Bethesda | u/AlanWakeUpNow

The original post has garnered almost 1.1k upvotes and 300 replies, with the majority saying that ladders are what they hate the most. Moving from one ship room to another via ladders is not the fastest way.

Multiple floors connected by a single ladder pose a challenge that doors and horizontal ships quickly sort out. Having multi-story ships connected via different ladders is a hassle for some players who want smooth travel between different ship rooms.

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A recent mod called Place Doors Yourself mod fixes ladders and doors in the shipbuilder, allowing players to customize their entries and exits.

While vertical ships will still need ladders, this may be sorted out by possible stairs for ship mod. Still, horizontal ships are the go-to of Starfield players since vertical ships are also an easy target during space fights.

image of a space mech ship
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Credit: Bethesda | u/AlanWakeUpNow

Despite the unanimous dislike for ladders, the ship mech created by user u/AlanWakeUpNow is undeniably impressive.

This vertical ship, featuring weapon modules as arms and the cockpit as the mech’s head, is a testament to the community's shared passion for ship design.

It was created without mods in the shipbuilder, which makes it even more remarkable.

Whether you prefer to boost around your vertical ship or create your own Final Fantasy ship in Starfield, stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following Starfield Portal.

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