Starfield’s Jetpack Physics, Yay or Nay? Players Discuss

image of a booster pack
Credit: Bethesda

image of a booster pack
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield allowed players to experience planetary exploration, shipbuilding, and extra-terrestrial outpost management.

While these experiences are new to fans of Bethesda Game Studios, many players are divided on how Bethesda developed the game's physics, especially for jetpacks.

Some players are satisfied and happy with the vanilla Starfield jetpack experience compared to Bethesda’s other games' features, such as Fallout 76. Other players disagree, saying Starfield’s jetpack mechanics are worse than other games.

While this may be the case, some players agree that Bethesda deserves some praise for the jetpack feature in Starfield.

Originally posted on Reddit, user u/thirdben stated that Bethesda deserves praise for implementing the game’s jetpack mechanic.

According to them, the physics and animations are fluid compared to Fallout 76’s jetpack, which felt much worse control and animation.

Some players in the thread agreed with them, stating that it could be better with an improved horizontal traverse mechanic. Others disagree, saying that the jetpack has been generally implemented in many games already.

They mention that Bethesda has not improved on the existing feature and is still far from what the optimal jetpack feels in Starfield should be.

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Mods available in the Creations Club have improved the game’s jetpack mechanic, albeit by disabling Xbox achievements.

Bethesda may soon provide an official update, as Todd Howard has confirmed that Starfield’s Year 2 is already in development.

Features such as land vehicles and new content based on the existing locations will be part of the studio’s annual story expansion plans.

image of a booster pack
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Credit: Bethesda

Players who are content with vanilla Starfield’s jetpack mechanic can enjoy the feature without having to install mods, but for those who want a better jetpack experience, Bethesda’s Creations Club mods are here to help.

Whether you prefer your jetpack as standard as possible or you prefer to hover in the air like the Mandalorian, be sure to follow Starfield Portal to stay updated with the latest news and announcements.

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