Players Query Fixes in New Starfield Update

todd howard crossing fingers new update
Credit: Bethesda

todd howard crossing fingers new update
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda announced last week that it will release its latest Starfield update on Wednesday, March 6, after nearly a week’s delay.

Its official X account revealed a few of the highlights of this patch, which will add character expressions and poses in Photo Mode while fixing a few glitches in the game.

The bugs to be addressed include fixing the missing David Barron, who is otherwise pushing the story forward in the quest line 'Sabotage,' and the infamous left turn of the head that your NPCs do while running after you!

Eager fans quickly responded to the X post with inquiries regarding other bugs not mentioned in the initial post.

Dani Life asked the studio if they would fix the issue that barred the player from accessing Briggs in The Audition after they acquired the slate needed to continue the quest.

Bethesda replied in the affirmative, stating that the new update will finally fix the bug that locked a door in The Audition if the player takes a while to return.

On the other hand, Garry Hetrick complained that his War Relics quest remains pending because Kaiser is unfortunately rooted to a door. To his relief, Bethesda revealed that the latest patch will also fix the issue where Kaiser does not spawn during War Relics if the player does not go through all the dialogue with Hadrian.

Bethesda also said that they’ve fixed a glitch in Divided Loyalties that prevented Zealot ships from making their appearance.

This is the third update in a series that was promised in December. Bethesda said that they will be pushing out patches within six weeks of each other. As with previous patches, this one will stay on Steam Beta for testing and feedback before being made available to all players.

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