Outpost of the Week - Tirna VIII-C Outpost

starfield outpost

starfield outpost

The outpost building in Starfield seems to bring out the frustrated real estate developer and interior designer in a person. Imagine this - you’re given a massive plot of land to play with, and it’s up to you how you lay your outpost buildings out concerning the terrain.

In some cases, selecting the location is an art since strategically setting your outpost near trading outposts and fauna spawning points would benefit your productivity.

These must have been in the front of YouTuber BadGuy Gaming’s mind when he built an impressive complex on the moon of Tirna VIII-C on the slopes of a low hill, fronting a vast expanse of land. If you watch his outpost tour video below, you’ll find how the availability of land positively influences creativity, at least in this case.

One of the first features you’ll notice - outside of the pedestrian ones - is the presence of a Vasco Model-S attack robot. We’ve previously featured this type of robot as the result of a mod, although we don’t hear BadDayGuy Gaming saying that he uses mods to get this for his outpost crew.

The creator mentioned that plenty of wild fauna spawned nearby and encroached on the compound, necessitating the presence of the “attack dog.”

In addition, the player had also located the outpost close to a civilian outpost that’s active and fully manned, so they don't have far to go when trading resources and other communities.

In a nutshell, BadDayGuy has set up what we can only refer to as a farming outpost. We’re pretty sure he’ll be stockpiling credits in no time in this outpost alone.

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