Credstiks Have Jumped to the Real World

starfield credsticks

starfield credsticks

You could collect many things in Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, Starfield. There are many items that people find themselves over-encumbered by, even the most ordinary stuff like pens and cups. One of these collectables is the Credstik, which rewards you with a random amount of credits.

Bethesda also produced a Credstik as a special collector’s item for those who purchased the Constellation edition, which also came with a Chronomark watch. The thumb drive contained the installer for the base game.

That used to be the only time the Credstik jumped into the real world, but a Reddit user with skills in 3D printing decided that shouldn’t be the case—the result - a group of 3D-printed credstiks, which Redditor johnjoemcbob said are all fully functional.

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Credit: Reddit
Real-life credstiks

The creation was met with positive reception at the forum. One user suggested he embed his credit card chip into the Credstik to swipe it at the checkout counter.

However, another user quickly rebuffed this suggestion and pointed out that taking the chip off the card would render it useless.

Other users also suggested how he could incorporate graphics into the otherwise plain appearance of the credstiks using laser engraving or resin printing.

The creator, for his part, said that he plans to use the physical Credstiks as invites and game rewards for a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) session in the future.

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