These New Abilities Make Vasco a Formidable Companion

vasco starfield

vasco starfield

Vasco is one character in Starfield that’s very easy to love. He doesn’t dislike many actions and is very loyal to his team leader. His combat abilities, however, leave much to be desired. This new mod, however, turns Vasco into a force to reckon with on the battlefield.

Enter the Vasco Model S, a fighting robot you want to keep on your team.

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Credit: Nexus
...and stay down!

This mod has plenty of improvements to make Vasco a must-keep team member. For starters, Vasco’s melee damage goes up several notches. He is given a combo of combat maneuvers like claw attacks, rotating attacks, bites, and a power bash.

The default Vasco moves a little slow to be of use in combat, but the Model S is faster and more aggressive than the Constellation’s household variant. It can also carry more, with capacity increased to 300 kilograms.

The Model S is also resilient to damage, allowing Vasco to hold his own even against the most aggressive fauna or Crimson Fleet pirates he gets across in battle.

The modder even puts in the ability to customize Vasco’s armor plating and combat style, theoretically making him fit more into your leadership and playing styles. You can even assign him a race if you want!

The modder describes this mod as a beta so that you can expect more changes and updates in the future. They even hint that the Model S may be given ranged combat capabilities in a future update.

By the way, the Vasco 1/6 scale fully articulated model being built by Pure Arts remains available for pre-order at their website. With 15 points of articulation, the Collector’s Edition figure has an MSRP of $369 but can also be bought on a payment plan for a down payment of $55.35.

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