The Adoring Fan Actually Has His Own Fans?

adoring fan

adoring fan

Anyone who plays Starfield knows who the Adoring Fan is. He is this NPC who couldn’t see anything but the good in the player. He’ll handle PR for the player in New Atlantis, making you look good even though you’ve got a lot of bounties on your head.

It turns out that the character that many other players find annoying actually has his own set of equally adoring fans. This was proven by the user response to a thread by JimR521 in the No Sodium Starfield subreddit, where he expresses his admiration for the Adoring Fan’s commitment.

adoring fan
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It turns out he wasn’t the only one. One user, Azin1970, said he appreciated the NPC’s efforts in denying the rumors that the player had already joined the Crimson Fleet and was betraying the United Colonies.

Another user also related his experience in a playthrough where he set himself up as a murderous pirate. Still, the Adoring Fan continues to clean up his reputation after him anyway.

Still, another user poked fun at how other players are expressing nothing but hate for the Adoring Fan, stating that their annoyance for the character shows how effective Bethesda’s character design was in the first place.

The Adoring Fan is one of the NPCs that can accompany you in your team if you recruit him after the Constellation quests. He also joins you as a crew member when you install the mod that allows you to fly a replica of The Lodge as a spaceship.

Another NPC from the Constellation that you can recruit is Vasco. As a robot, Vasco has an extensive vocabulary of names that he can speak, which has a minor effect on your interactions as members of the same team.

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