Rare Super Blue Moon Rises as Starfield Launch Approaches

Super Blue Moon
Credit: Bethesda

Super Blue Moon
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield promises limitless opportunities to explore the cosmos with its stars and planets, with many players able to start their journeys this weekend via early access - if they have opted for the Premium or Constellation editions.

And it looks like the stars have well and truly aligned for the launch of Bethesda's much-hyped RPG, as this week, everyone has the chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event that will take your breath away.

This's because the evening skies on Wednesday and Thursday will be exceptionally bright, thanks to a rarely-seen Super Blue Moon gracing the heavens.

The term “Super Blue Moon” is a combination of a Super Moon, and a Blue Moon. According to Sky & Telescope, a Blue Moon refers to the second full Moon in a month when there are two of them.

Keep your expectations in check, however. Despite the name, it doesn’t mean the Moon will appear blue. Instead, it will be exceptionally brighter, but not as bright as a Super Moon.

On the other hand, a Super Moon occurs when the Moon is at its closest distance to its parent planet, our Earth. NASA says the Moon will be 16% brighter and 14% bigger when a Super Moon. It’s so huge that it seems close enough to touch!

You don’t always see a month with two full Moons. NASA estimates that only 3% of full Moons are “blue.” The agency adds that, of all full Moons in a year, only 25% of those come very close to the Earth.

Ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to eyeball our bright neighbor in the sky. NBC says the next one will occur in 2037. You’re in for a treat, though - there are two Super Blue Moons in 2037.

However, If you miss the Super Blue Moon because of weather or any other reason, you can look forward to a similar experience in Starfield!

The Super Blue Moon heralds an exciting week ahead before launch. Bethesda is already scaling its marketing efforts even as we speak.

On Wednesday, Bethesda’s YouTube channel dropped the latest collaboration between the studio and the rock band Imagine Dragons, who have previously written tunes for Skyrim.

This time, the legendary Las Vegas quartet had penned a song specifically for Starfield called “Children In The Sky.” Make sure to give this new music a try and be blown away!

An image of a man standing in a valley, situated on a planet that is unlikely Earth. In the sun-soaked sky letters read: "Imagine Dragons Children of the Sky A Starfield Song".
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Credit: Bethesda

Starfield drops on September 6, but as mentioned before, those who have purchased the Premium and Constellation editions can access the game on September 1.

Constellation edition players also get a free Chronomark Watch. In preparation, Bethesda released the companion Starfield Watch app so you can set up your Chronomark Watch early.

The Starfield Watch app is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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