Player Stumbles on Kreet Geothermal Plant in New Game

geothermal plant on Kreet
Credit: X/D_W_Pearce

geothermal plant on Kreet
Credit: X/D_W_Pearce

Despite the proliferation of negative reviews and hot-blooded rants on the Internet, we continue to be surprised by Starfield content that keeps coming through sites like Reddit and X. Good or bad; people just can’t stop talking about Starfield!

We found an interesting post on X from a user named Darren W. Pearce, a TTRPG writer who also plays No Man Sky and The Witcher. Pearce indicated in his post that he had started a New Game on Starfield, after which he explored Kreet.

Pearce, who did not indicate whether this new run is NG+ or a new character altogether, said he spotted this fortress-like structure surrounded by lava for the first time.

Unfortunately, he does not know what is inside the building because many high-level hostile NPCs are milling nearby.

While Pearce said he thinks it is a geothermal plant, X user PolarNinjaVP said he encountered a similar-looking building on another planet that turned out to be a mining extraction plant.

However, this appears to be another case of the Creation Engine procedurally generating points of interest (POI) using pre-determined graphic assets.

an ice moon red gas giant
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Credit: Bethesda
An ice moon and a red gas giant

The development team’s use of procedural generation has been widely panned by certain players who considered the result repetitive and boring.

A former developer pointed out that they had heavily leveraged procedural generation to lessen the team's workload after Todd Howard decided there would be 120 star systems.

Initially, the dev said, Starfield would only include 24 star systems and a handful of planets with handcrafted locations.

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