Distance Won’t Hold You Back Now as New Mod Lets You Boost Forever

character boost packing above scenery

character boost packing above scenery

Boosting is one method of traveling within planets in Starfield. Since there are no vehicles you can use to traverse the terrain, boosting allows you to cover longer distances in shorter periods. However, you are limited by your boost pack’s fuel capacity.

What wouldn’t you give to ensure infinite fuel? You need not think about that anymore as a new mod, appropriately named “Infinite Boostpack Fuel,” will ensure you never run out of gas as you explore Starfield’s planets.

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Credit: Nexus

The mod is available for free on Nexus Mods. So far, it has six endorsements and 380 total downloads, with 355 unique user downloads. According to the modder, MeridianoRus, the mod works for boost packs controlled by pressing and holding down a hotkey.

The mod comes with its ini file, which you can also tweak to personalize its effects further. The mod replenishes your fuel reserves back to full when they reach a specific percentage or value while you glide over the terrain.

Aside from installing this mod, players should also go to the StarfieldCustom.ini file and set the bUsePressAndHoldControls value to 1.

Would you like to give a neverending supply of fuel in Starfield a try? Go ahead and download the mod from Nexus.

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Credit: YouTube/ToastedShoes

Are you a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine? You’ll be interested in this mod from modder ToastedShoes, now working on a mod that will replace all ships in your game with gigantic Thomas the Tank Engine spacecraft.

This mod will also replace the companion Barrett with none other than the swashbuckling Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. If you recall, Barrett is one of the four companions you can start a relationship with, so this is your chance to romance Jack Sparrow once the mod is ready.

The mod can be downloaded through ToastedShoes’ Patreon page.

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