Behold the Jemison Estate: An Impressive Vanilla Outpost Build on Xbox

image of the jemison estate starfield
Credit: Bethesda and u/natelloydhewit

image of the jemison estate starfield
Credit: Bethesda and u/natelloydhewit

Starfield’s Creation update has allowed Xbox players to tinker and customize the game to their hearts’ content, with all the brand-new mods and quests available for download.

However, not everyone wants to use mods, as some may disable in-game achievements when installed.

One Starfield fan created a stunning outpost estate in Jemison—100% pure vanilla Starfield on the Xbox console.

Posting on Reddit, user u/natelloydhewit created the impressive Jemison Estate, complete with various rooms, kitchens, and second-floor space, on Xbox without using any mods.

They created the main two-story building by glitching different hab modules.

The entire estate is located near the lake in New Atlantis, which has become a popular spot among outpost enthusiasts who want to build their villas due to the proximity to the city and, especially, the lake view.

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Featuring a bar and several seating areas, the kitchen is connected to other areas of the estate through different walkways made using floor mats.

Various plant decors are scattered around the estate, giving it a natural and relaxing vibe.

Fellow players on the thread applauded the exquisite creativity of the estate’s design and architecture, even comparing it to the home-building game The Sims.

Some even mentioned that the estate looks so great in vanilla that it can be considered a studio-developed asset for the game.

One player hoped for a multiplayer feature that allowed them to visit other villas, which may be possible in a future Xbox Creations mod.

image of the estate interior in jemison
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Credit: Bethesda and u/natelloydhewit

Ever since the release of Creations, many Xbox players have enjoyed full-on modding Starfield.

A vast library of PC mods has started to become available for Xbox users, and more game mods, such as Star Wars mods, are gaining popularity among Xbox players.

Whether vanilla Starfield will be your go-to or exploring the available mods will be your daily gaming experience, subscribe and follow Starfield Portal for the latest news and updates.

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