Player Brings Final Fantasy to Starfield Using Xbox Shipbuilder Mods

image of a final fantasy themes ship in starfield
Credit: Bethesda and @ARandyMidget

image of a final fantasy themes ship in starfield
Credit: Bethesda and @ARandyMidget

Starfield’s Creations has been available on Xbox since its launch after the recent Xbox Games Showcase. Plenty of user-generated mods, from follower mods to suit mods, are now accessible for Xbox users.

One Starfield fan tinkered around mods with the shipbuilder and has made the most Final Fantasy-looking ship yet.

Posted initially on X, user @ARandyMidget has created a ship fit for any Final Fantasy protagonist.

Painted with white, blue, and metallic gray colours, the ship’s design language features a sleek and aerodynamic design mixed with sharp angles and smooth curves, reminiscent of the spaceships seen in Final Fantasy games.

Blue neon lights give the ship a much more futuristic appearance, albeit in a game set 300 years into the future. An energy ring that seems to be acting as the ship’s booster further enhances the fantasy feel of the ship’s design.

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Also, posting it on Reddit as u/A-Grumpy-Dwarrf, the thread garnered various comments from fellow Starfield players.

One player mentioned that it looks like a ship “Sephiroth would majestically land with”. Final Fantasy games are known to have a mix of fantasy, medieval, and sci-fi themes, so the design isn’t too far off from Square Enix’s RPG franchise.

@ARandyMidget also created several ships, including Benjamin Bayu’s ship and the Ulysses 31. Thanks to Bethesda's new Creations Kit, players who share the same interests in shipbuilding will be more likely to create and mod new ones.

image of a final fantasy ship in Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda and @ARandyMidget

Aside from Final Fantasy, characters from other games and media have started appearing in Starfield’s Creations. Batman and Ahsoka recently appeared in the Settled Systems, and players can also expect more Star Wars-related content to be added by modders.

Whether you feel like jumping into a Final Fantasy ship like the one above or would rather start your own Starfield farm on Xbox, stay updated with the latest news and announcements here at Starfield Portal.

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