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Kinggath said during Day 1 of this year’s C3 that all players wanted from Starfield was a platform where they could make their own content that ties in with a storyline. This Facebook user certainly had that in mind when he created this odd-looking outpost in the game.

Take a look at this walkway that he built, for example.

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Credit: Facebook/Mike Donovan

If you wonder why the bridge looks a bit odd, it's because that isn't habs stacked together to create a walkway; it is a series of computer terminals built right next to one another until they form a bridge.

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Credit: Facebook/Mike Donovan

The structures' height in the outpost is as odd as the contents. According to the user, Mike Donovan, he achieved this look for the outpost by stacking stuff up until it formed a coherent-looking structure.

A quick look would suggest this has been achieved through mods, but, sorry to disappoint you, Mike said he is playing via Game Pass on Xbox One. This means that mods are impossible for him to access at the moment.

If you’re into mods, you might want to check two Vasco-related mods that reskin the Constellation robot. One mod transforms the tall Vasco into the diminutive BD-1 from Star Wars, while the other turns him into an EDI infiltration unit from Mass Effect 3.

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