Mod of the Week - Replace Vasco With Mass Effect 3’s EDI Unit

starfield mass effect

starfield mass effect

Vasco, the Model A exploration robot who’s also one of the five main companions in Starfield, has been the subject of numerous mods since September last year.

Somebody recently created a mod that would shrink the tall robot into the BD-1 Droid from Star Wars.

A few months ago, a modder also created the S model for Vasco, which is an attack dog and a separate unit from the Beloved Constellation companion.

Today, we’re going to feature yet another Vasco mod. Vasco can be turned into the EDI synthetic infiltration unit in Mass Effect 3 this time.

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Credit: Nexus

According to the modder, the mod not only reskins Vasco as the EDI infiltrator; you can also tweak the creation to replace any of your spacesuits with the skin. However, the modder warns that it doesn’t look visually great when you do so.

In addition, you can also use other mods to replace Vasco’s voice. Plenty of voice mods are available on Nexus, but the modder recommends the Female Vasco Voice 2 (TTS) mod by 63OR63.

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Credit: Reddit

Vasco does not seem to be the benevolent yet wise-cracking robotic companion the main story paints him to be. A Redditor had recently discovered a random POI where he found a whiteboard with a picture of Vasco and writings that seemed to indicate some violence in the robot’s past.

Aside from mods, Vasco has been featured in many fan-created materials for Starfield. The most prominent is a PC built by Rhoads PC, which was initially intended to join Bethesda’s QuakeCon last year.

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