Outpost of the Week - Man Builds Fully Automated Bessel III-B Outpost

starfield automated outpost

starfield automated outpost

One of the most important features of a Starfield outpost is automation. If you don’t know, you can build an outpost that can double as a resource production facility and have it produce your resources without having to collect them from your outpost off-world outposts. This is all possible, thanks to resource links.

In any case, one more player took advantage of this functionality to create his own 100% automated production facility on the moon Bessel III-B. Fortunately, he shared his creation for us to look at in the Facebook group Starfield Outpost Builders.

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Credit: Facebook/Serge Gagnon

Aside from the location, however, Facebook user Serge Gagnon did not specify any other details about his creation. You can see from the pictures, however, that the facility is enormous and contains several compound fabricators and inorganic storage boxes.

According to the post, this outpost was built by Serge on his Xbox Cloud account without the use of any mods, as these are still unavailable to console gamers. Serge is also on his eighth New Game+ run, and his character is currently at level 92.

While using outposts as resource mining facilities is commonplace, it would not be until X’s biggest Starfield fan, Niko Mueller, posted a video of himself setting up a fully functional resource production facility similar to Serge Gagnon to bring awareness to that other capability of the outposts.

Niko is known for his Starfield-centric content, which recently included a fan creation made by one of his sons based on the Constellation pin that came with his purchase of Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG.

Niko also brought attention to the possibility of meeting his original character when he did so after 33 New Game+ runs.

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