Outpost of the Week - Gagarin Landing Production Facility

starfield gagarin outpost

starfield gagarin outpost

Howdy, explorers! We hope you had a great weekend and are ready to dive into Starfield on this lovely Monday morning. First things first, we’re going to show you our Outpost of the Week pick. This one is from Facebook user Benjamin Scharlach.

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Credit: Facebook/Benjamin Scharlach

This outpost is massive. Unlike most outposts we’ve featured in the past, this one, which Benjamin calls the Outpost Coral Canyon, is a production facility and trade hub fused into one. It produces 372 power, of which it needs only 276. The builder said he set up the outpost to produce lead, sealant, and water.

The outpost also holds the player’s Armillary. He’s not putting security up to chance here - he has six security bots and eight armored colonists guarding the Armillary alone.

That’s an impressive build, considering that Benjamin built it with his Xbox, which, for now, doesn’t allow for mods, unlike the PC version. Here’s one more picture of Benjamin’s Outpost Coral Canyon, which he built 3 kilometers southeast of Gagarin Landing in Alpha Centauri.

You can see more pictures of Benjamin’s Outpost on his Facebook post.

Speaking of mod, do you remember the first day that the Starfield page went live in Nexus? Nexus opened the page on November 2022, ten months before Starfield was even released, and already had ten mods listed the day it became available.

Did you know that a Vasco-themed PC was supposed to appear during Bethesda’s Quake Con in August? Rhoads PC explained that the rig was accidentally destroyed during loading and never made it to the event.

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