Player on NG+33 Crosses Paths With Original Character



With the nature of the multiverse explained by a Redditor last week, there are an infinite number of possible events that could occur in your NG+ playthrough in Starfield. How many of these involve meeting your first character from NG0?

There’s no definite answer, but finding out that it is possible is what X user NikoMueller found on his 33rd New Game+ playthrough. He walked into The Lodge and discovered his first character, talking with Sarah and presenting the Artifact.

The first video on his X post showed the player walking in and Sarah remarking, “It seems we have another visitor.”

One of the female NPCs turns around, asking if it’s another member of the Constellation and then acting shocked at seeking the player. Sarah asks the NPC if she has a twin, to which she says no. Three dialogue options appear, including: “You’re me. The version of me from this universe.”

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Credit: X/NikoMueller

NikoMueller said he interacted with the NPC and eventually recruited her into his team. He also said that the NPC has stats from the first playthrough and is keenly interested in how he entered his original universe and became a Starborn.

Interestingly, she also wants to introduce him to her parents!

Indeed, the multiverse opens an infinite amount of possibilities. Some X users are curious whether his current character can romance his other self. However, it is known that Romance is only available with Sarah, Andreja, Sam, and Barrett.

Who could be voicing his original character? It’s possible that Cissy Jones, who provides Andreja's voice, is also the voice behind this NPC.

Jones and Elias Toufexis were initially hired to provide the voices of the spacefarer but were switched to Andreja and Sam Coe instead when Bethesda decided a voiceless main character was better.

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