Builder Mod Significantly Improves Outpost Building Process

starfield outpost

starfield outpost

The outpost building process in Starfield is relatively straightforward. However, you still need to know the item ID of what you would like to add to your structure when building.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Bethesda could’ve introduced an update that allowed us to select visually rather than memorize codes?

That might be possible in the future, but modder Orazia decided he couldn’t wait and took matters into his own hands, creating the mod BuildBits, which you can download for free on Nexus.

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Credit: Nexus

As you can see from the image, BuildBits adds an eponymous transparent panel to your Outpost Building menu. You can use that menu to select the outpost components you want to add to your new or existing structure.

Theoretically, this mod will shave off a significant amount of time spent looking up item codes online and then inputting them into the Builder menu in the game.

The BuildBits builder also has buttons to move around parts and duplicate or permanently delete them from your design.

Orazia warned, however, that this mod forces the BuildBits menu into the game. He recommends saving the game before running this mod to have a fallback if this addition breaks your current game.

The modder promises updates to add more features and capabilities to the BuildBits Outpost Builder menu.

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Credit: Reddit

Since we’re on the topic of outposts, you might want to check out a previous Outpost of the Week entry for inspiration. This outpost is built on the moon Grimsey and features a breathtaking view of the gas giant planet Deepala.

Not only does this view remind the builder of the amazing things about space travel, but it also makes for plenty of Photo Mode opportunities!

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