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Niko Mueller has long since been baptized as a die-hard Starfield player, and he continues to post content from his gameplay despite all the negative reviews. He was one of the first players to finally meet his original character, even though he needed to go through NG+ 33 times to bring that about.

One of his kids seems to be a chip off the old block. The child had made a color bead designed after the Constellation pin that came with Niko’s purchase of the game when it was released.

Of course, it isn’t a 100% reconstruction, but we could see how much effort and love were placed into the creation process.

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Credit: X/Niko Mueller

Niko’s publication of his son’s work garnered warm words from the fanbase. One user, Tyler MacCallum, even recommended giving the kid a serving of alien jerky, which is an inside joke among Starfield players.

Another user, LegendKiller2K, even hinted that there’ll be a LEGO build based on Bethesda’s newest space exploration RPG. However, as it has not yet been announced, the user advised Niko Mueller to “take [it] with a pinch of salt.”

Niko Mueller first rocked the world of Starfield gaming when he built the only known comprehensive production facility that links numerous outposts throughout the game’s galaxy. He posted a video of the production facility on his X account.

While exploring, he also drew attention a couple of weeks ago when he spotted old Earth items like a portable CD player and a VHS tape used as decorative stuff in some Starfield outposts.

With Starfield’s score now dipping into the 'Mostly Negative' territory, some fans are speaking out about its scope and scale. They believed, as a former developer had revealed, that the game could’ve benefited more if it started at a smaller scale at which it came out.

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