Starfield - How To Play On PlayStation

adoring fan with the PlayStation logo on his shirt

adoring fan with the PlayStation logo on his shirt

Xbox is in need of a big win; Starfield from Bethesda should become one of the most talked-about games this generation. Not only because it's the next big game from Bethesda but also due to the fact that Starfield will not be available for PlayStation owners. Well, that was true until recently; Sony's unveiling of new hardware has changed the playing field.

Let's take a look at Sony's latest addition to the PlayStation family and other ways to play Starfield on Sony devices.

Starfield On PlayStation

Starfield is a console exclusive for Xbox; this is thanks to Microsoft purchasing Bethesda's parent company - ZeniMax. Sony PlayStation fans mourned the loss of future Bethesda titles on the PS5 console, resulting in some bitter words from both sides being tossed around the threads of Twitter.

Well, that could all come to an end thanks to the newly announced PlayStation Portal, Sony's new handheld streaming device coming later this year. The Portal is the first handheld streaming-only device from Sony; previous handhelds like the Vita and PSP had their own library of games to buy physically and digitally.

The new sony playstation portal streaming handheld device
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Credit: Sony
Sony's latest handheld - PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal launches this November with a $199/£199 price point. Sony fans looking for an off-TV way to play their favorite PS5 titles will be rejoicing. Using the Portal, players can stream their PS5 library all around the house, provided they have a decent Wi-Fi connection.

So, how can you possibly play Xbox-exclusive Starfield on this new PlayStation? Well, that would be thanks to the Android-based software used to run the whole device. Once hackers get Xbox Game Pass side-loaded to the software, Starfield will be available for subscribers to play on the new handheld. Either use the Game Pass app to stream Starfield from your Xbox console or subscribe to Game Pass and use Xbox Cloud Gaming to stream directly to the PlayStation Portal.

Starfield On Other Sony Devices


We have reported on Samsung partnering with Xbox to cross-promote their latest Smart TV's and Xbox Game Pass. The latest of these marketing pushes promotes playing Starfield on your Samsung Smart TV.

a 2023 sony bravia tv
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Credit: Sony
A workaround for the PlayStation fanbase

So for fans out there who swear by Sony products, we have a solution for you to play Starfield at launch that doesn't even require a PS5. Assuming you have a Sony Smart TV that uses an Android operating system similar to the PlayStation Portal, head over to the home menu, search for 'Xbox' in the app menu, download the app and stream Starfield directly to your Sony TV!

Of course, the Xbox app for TV will require you to sign up for Game Pass in order to access Starfield (and other Xbox exclusives) on your Sony TV. Without purchasing a Series S or X, using these methods is as close to playing Starfield as PlayStation owners are going to get. Of course, the other option is playing Starfield on PC, but the Game Pass option is much more cost-efficient.


The last and potentially most cost-effective way to play Starfield on a Sony device is via your smartphone. Any smartphone can be used (not just Sony devices) for this method. Also, most newer smartphones can be connected to a Bluetooth controller of your choice; we do have a recommendation below for a more specialist controller option as well.

Backbone playstation controller for smartphone
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Credit: Backbone

What you need to do is sign up for Xbox Game Pass, download the app from your smartphone app store and then either stream directly from your Xbox or use Xbox Cloud gaming to enjoy Starfield on the go. To complete the Sony experience, Backbone offers a PlayStation-branded smartphone controller, which is totally optional but totally recommended.

While you are here, take a look at our best starting build guide and read up on all the creatures you will encounter in Starfield. Whatever your need may be, we have you covered throughout your galactic adventures.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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